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Spending Valentine's Day at Home? Here are 5 Romantic Ideas to Try


Spending Valentine's Day at Home? Here are 5 Romantic Ideas to Try

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Spending Valentine's Day at home is the perfect way to reconnect with your loved one and let them know how much you appreciate them. It eliminates all the unnecessary stress of deciding where to go. As a bonus, you can get away with creating an amazing atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Forget rushing home, remembering to make reservations, and saving up for a big night out - a big night in is a much better alternative. After all, Cupid's Arrow never had a price tag on it!

Here are 5 romantic ideas that you can try this Valentine's Day that will knock your partner's socks off!

1) Start Valentine's Day at home the right way - with breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is the best way to show your partner how much you appreciate them. Nothing screams "I love you" more than the smell of bacon and eggs. Add a cold glass of orange juice and a flower handpicked from the garden, and they'll know how much they mean to you.

If cooking isn't your forte, and you live in a coastal town like Durban or Cape Town, you can drag them to the beach, pick up croissants on the way and enjoy the sunrise in all its glory. It's enough to make anyone giddy!

2) Let your creative juices flow

Seeing as you'll be spending the whole day together, why not do something constructive? Creating something new with your partner can be a very intimate experience. There are many tutorials online that show you how to make something whether it is cooking, painting, or crafting.

As soon as you've decided on what you want to do, gather your supplies, get cosy in front of the TV and follow the tutorial that you've chosen to work on step by step. It's a great way to get to know another side of your partner and to complete a project together. 

3) Valentine's Day at home is incomplete without an indoor spa

Because in all seriousness, who has the money in this economic climate to pay someone else to rub your back when you have a partner who can do it for you - for free? You can start by taking a long relaxing bubble bath surrounded by scented candles. Sit back, relax with a glass of champagne, and simply allow yourself to float away for a few moments.

Then, if you haven't gotten distracted yet, pamper yourselves with hydrating face masks. Take this time to chat about the things you rarely ever get to talk about and remind each other how special your relationship is. By this time, your partner is sure to be in a giving mood, so it'll be easy to also get a back rub or a foot massage out of them, too!

4) Make dinner but make it fancy

Just because you are staying at home doesn't mean you have to eat dinner in your pyjamas. Tell your partner that the theme for dinner is smart-casual and dress up for the occasion.

You can decorate the dining room with fairy lights, and lay out your best tablecloth, and your most expensive crockery. It adds a touch of class to an otherwise regular old evening in and your partner will be pleasantly surprised by all the effort you have made.

You might just want to throw away the takeout containers and serve them in proper dishes before you're seated!

5) End Valentine's Day at home with a movie night

By this, we don't mean a normal movie night where someone falls asleep 30 minutes in. Make it cosy! You can make a big bed in the middle of the living room, get your favourite snacks, and create magical sleepover vibes. If you have a projector, this can add to the charm of the evening even more.

And, of course, remember: it's Valentine's Day! So don't choose a movie like Die Hard or the Matrix. Think of soft movies like Romeo and Juliet or The Notebook. Choose something that will set the mood for the rest of the evening. 

Final thoughts

You don't have to spend an exorbitant amount on Valentine's Day. It can become a very expensive evening if you consider the flowers, the chocolate, the restaurant reservations, and the spa treatments you want to book. You can very easily create an intimate day at home for just the two of you. As long as you show your partner how special they are to you, then you will have a successful February 14th. 

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