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6 Cozy Cottagecore Décor Ideas You Need To Try in 2023


6 Cozy Cottagecore Décor Ideas You Need To Try in 2023

It's 2023 and people are flocking to the stores to make their cottagecore décor ideas a reality. This is one of the trends that is said to be a must for any DIY interior designer and what better time to test it out than the beginning of a brand new year?

The cottagecore aesthetic is inspired by nature, country living, and floral prints. Anything vintage and antique is an absolute must. These cottagecore design ideas emphasize cosiness and a simpler way of life... which is something we can all do during this busy time of the year!

Here are 6 ways you can incorporate cottagecore elements into your home.  

1) Incorporate florals into your cottagecore décor

Incorporating florals into your home is the perfect starting point for a cottagecore aesthetic. It doesn't matter in which form they appear or where they come from - as long as they are on display!

What's great is that you can find floral designs on items in most home décor shops. So grab your shopping basket and look for wallpaper, throw pillows, bedding, and tablecloths. Bonus points if you can find some of these at a thrift shop. Round it off with a fresh bouquet and you have the perfect cottagecore room. 

2) Add wallpaper to your display cabinet

If you are thinking of incorporating wallpaper into your cottagecore décor then a display cabinet is the perfect place to start. It is a fairly small surface area and you don't have to redo all the walls in your house to get the wallpapery effect.

A display cabinet is the ideal rustic element to bring into your home and you can put your antique collection on display. By adding wallpaper you can enhance the vintage aesthetic of the display cabinet and further add to your cottagecore décor style. 

3) Cottagecore décor calls for colour

Whilst you want to remain as rustic as possible, your cottagecore décor style is incomplete without a splash of colour! Think soft tones, romantic hues, and pastel shades.

A good place to add some colourful display pieces would be your newly wallpapered display cabinet. Place that baby in the dining room and watch the room come alive.

Don't be too concerned about symmetry or clean lines when displaying your items. The whole point of cottagecore décor is for it to look as natural as possible. 

4) Don't be afraid to play around with patterns

Cottagecore décor is all about different textures and patterns so don't be afraid to play around with different styles.

Exposed wooden beams are great for creating a cottagecore vibe and it shows off the bare bones of your home. Not only will it add to the rustic look but it also strips your house down to its most simplistic form which is what you want out of a cottagecore décor style.

With this, you can incorporate more contemporary furniture like steel bedframes or a classic leather couch (as long as it is faux!). Add a variety of prints and textures for a cosy, collected, cottagecore look. 

5) Add a plush chair to enhance your cottagecore décor

Seriously, what is cosier than a plush chair? It immediately invites you in to curl up and relax. Plush chairs are functional in the living room but if you want to enhance its aesthetic, create a quiet little book nook.

It screams cottagecore especially if you find a cute bookshelf from a thrift shop. Your plush chair will look fabulous on a gorgeous carpet accompanied by a big scatter cushion, a soft throw, and a few plants to round it off. 

6) Remember your wicker ways!

Wicker is an amazing element to introduce into your cottagecore décor style. It is extremely versatile and it matches almost any colour scheme you have in mind.

Wicker furniture works great for outdoor settings and patios. You can paint it or leave it natural with an added scatter cushion.

Wicker baskets are perfect for any room and it gives you extra storage. You can also tilt it to the side and use it as an end table. Add your favourite lamp, a stack of books, or a plant and you have a brand new accent piece. 

Final thoughts

The great thing about cottagecore décor is that it is simple and affordable. You can hit a few thrift shops or antique stores and get vintage elements at low prices. It is no wonder that it is all the rage this year.

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