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Finding it difficult to get rid of stains? Here are 5 easy homemade stain-removal recipes!


Finding it difficult to get rid of stains? Here are 5 easy homemade stain-removal recipes!

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Homemade stain removal recipes have been carried over from generation to generation. Almost every family has their own way of removing common household stains.

And in most cases, these homemade stain removal solutions work better than the expensive chemicals we see on the shelves. They are often more sensitive when applying them to furniture and carpets, and they aren't as harmful to our loved ones.

Here are some of our favourite homemade stain removal recipes for the next time you struggle to get rid of those stubborn stains. 

1) Need a mud stain removal cure for your carpet?

Before you throw the entire carpet (or the dog) out the window, take a deep breath. This is one of the most common stains and it is the easiest to clean. All you need is dishwashing detergent and warm water.

First, allow the stain to dry and vacuum up as much of the mud as possible. Then mix some dishwashing detergent with warm water and dab it onto the stain. Let it sit for 15 minutes and use a dry cloth to soak up the excess moisture. Repeat the process with warm water only.

For natural fibre carpets, follow the same steps and repeat the process with one cup of vinegar mixed with two cups of water. And voila! Good as new. 

2) Whine not! Wine stains are a thing of the past

Okay, so the wine-and-cheese night got a bit out of hand. Someone may or may not have danced on the couch and in the process completely ruined it. Or so you think.

This homemade stain removal recipe works for wine stains on couches, bedding, or clothing. After the spill occurs, pour white wine over it immediately and blot it. You may think it's weird, but it works!

If you don't have white wine, you can spray water and dishwashing soap solution over the stain and rub it with a brush. Then spray a mixture of vinegar and water over the stain and continue to rub. 

3) No more tears with this coffee stain removal trick

You know what they say: no use crying over spilt coffee! You probably can't start a morning without it but you'd probably have it in a cup than on your carpet. Coffee can stain quite quickly and it is a stubborn stain to get rid of.

An easy coffee stain removal solution is by pouring sparkling water over it and blotting it. However, you can also blot it with white vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and water. It's as simple as that!

4) I want to remove your blood! Say goodbye to blood stains

Blood stains might not be as common as the previous types of stains mentioned, but accidents happen. The most important tip is to never use hot water on blood stains on clothes or other household materials. Rather rinse it with cold water if it is still fresh and leave it to soak if it is already dry.

If the blood stains are on your carpets or furniture, you're going to mix dishwashing detergent with cold water and sponge the stained area. You can also combine this method by scrubbing it with a brush.

If you have a really stubborn blood stain, you can buy a bottle of ammonia to mix with lukewarm water and follow the same process. 

5) A wee pet problem? Check this easy urine stain removal solution

Pet urine must be the foulest smell and it is difficult to get rid of with household products. It also stains very quickly so the trick is to clean it as soon as you see it.

If it is still wet, pile as many paper towels on top of it as you can and rinse the area with cold water. If there is a lingering smell, avoid using vinegar. This can make the smell stronger and invite pets to urinate in the same area. Rather buy a pet odour remover.

For dry stains, you can use a pet-friendly carpet cleaner or a wet vac if you have access to one. These are usually available for hire at hardware stores.

Final thoughts

Finding stains in the house is extremely frustrating. With these 5 homemade stain removal recipes, you can keep your house sparkling clean and smelling fresh!

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