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How to Create a Sustainable Outdoor Living Space


How to Create a Sustainable Outdoor Living Space

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Creating a sustainable outdoor living space is a great way to start living a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability is all about protecting the environment and implementing different methods that can contribute to a healthier planet in the future.

What better area to start doing this than in your garden or backyard?

There are many small changes that you can make to help you live a more eco-conscious lifestyle and enjoy the beauty of nature at home.

Here are a few ways that can help you create a beautiful sustainable outdoor living space. 

1) Sustainable gardening

If you are creating a sustainable outdoor living space then a thriving garden is a must.

When you do landscaping, remember that you want the flora to grow as naturally as possible.

Chemicals are often harmful to the plants and tiny little animals that call your garden home.

Creating your own compost is a healthier alternative and you save money on buying chemicals every month.

You also want to try and save as much water as you can. Adding organic mulch to your garden can balance out soil temperatures and reduce water evaporation by 75%.

Installing a timed sprinkler system can help in reducing the amount of water that you use on watering the garden. Plus you don't have to worry about remembering to do it. 

2) Build your outdoor living space with green materials

Planning on building a deck or a patio? Opt for green materials.

These are materials that are sustainably sourced and often many of them are made from recycled products.

Reclaimed timber or recycled wood can make your living space look amazing and you are saving the environment as you go along.

For beautiful walkways, you can use natural brick and stone.

Permeable pavers are also a great substitute for concrete or poured asphalt because it absorbs water where it falls. It also looks much better than its alternatives.

3) Save water where you can

A major part of sustainability is saving natural resources and this includes water.

The less water you use, the better.

You can start simply by catching rainwater in containers or JoJo tanks.

You can use rainwater to water the garden again or you can use it inside to flush toilets.

Another way to save water is to replace your grass with gravel or stone.

These materials are low maintenance and you don't have to water them at all.

Combine different textures, shapes, and sizes to create a beautiful effect. 

4) Plant water-wise plants around your outdoor living space

Another great way to save water is to plant water-saving plants around your outdoor living space.

These are plants that require very little water, attention, or maintenance.

It is perfect for areas where there isn't a lot of rain and you get to save water.

Plants like spekboom, succulents, and aloe thrive in warm, dry areas.

It should be noted, however, that 'water-wise' doesn't mean you can forget about them completely.

You still need to help them cool off every now and then. 

5) Keep the décor of your outdoor living space natural

There are so many ideas in magazines and online that can help create a beautiful outdoor living space.

It is easy to get carried away when buying furniture and décor for your patio or deck.

The next time you look for these items take the extra few seconds to make sure that they are sustainably produced.

Many online stores sell furniture and décor made from natural materials.

You can also hit a few thrift stores in your area. You'll be surprised to see how many bargains you'll find and you are busy recycling in the process.

And then, of course, you can try your hand and make your own décor and furniture. This is the ultimate personal addition to your outdoor living space. 

6) Use eco-friendly lighting

The best way to round off your sustainable outdoor living space is by adding eco-friendly lighting.

If you already have lighting fixtures, you can simply replace the bulbs with energy-saving globes.

Low-voltage LED lights are much more energy-efficient than halogen lights and they aren't as harmful to the environment.

You can also install a few solar-powered lights if you get a lot of sun in your outdoor living space.  

Final thoughts

More and more homeowners are moving towards a sustainable way of living. Homeowners have already rigged out their homes with solar panels and JoJo tanks to lessen the pressure on the environment.

Creating an eco-friendly outdoor living space is the perfect way to introduce sustainability into your home. By making small changes, you can make a big difference.

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