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6 'Outdated' Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback


Interior design and décor trends take a long time to be labelled as outdated.

Unlike fashion, design and décor trends can take a few years before something more exciting comes along.

That being said, however, the past few decades have seen a gradual shift from what is now seen as 'outdated' to a modern approach.

But even in the quest to make homes look trendy and modern, homeowners have shifted back to the design and décor of yesteryear and put their own twist on it.

More and more interior decorators suggest trends that haven't seen the light of day in a good few years. For example, did you ever think wallpaper would be popular again?

Here are a few 'outdated' interior design trends making a refreshing comeback. 

Go back in time with grand-millennial interior design

Imagine your grandmother's living room back in the day but with an eclectic spin on it.

This is one design trend that no one thought would be making a comeback anytime soon. With a more contemporary approach, the result is still classy but less stuffy.

It also adds a less formal touch to the décor you remember from your childhood.

This style is focused on retaining some trends from way back in the day like skirted tables, patterned upholstery, and floral wallpaper.

With a few modern elements added to it, the result is nostalgic, warm, and easy on the eye. 

Head to the country with cottage-core interior design

Similar to grand-millennial, cottage-core draws inspiration from the good old days.

This style is all about heading back to the country with rustic finishes, honest craftsmanship, and traditional patterns.

The goal of cottage-core is to create a cosy and comfortable environment that gently coos 'Welcome home'.

Here we see a return to homemade items and crafts like crocheting, knitting, and woodworking.

Whilst wallpaper is part of this trend, the focus here is on neutral tones. Layer these with rich colours and bright patterns, and you are ready for cocooning. 

Try your hand at joinery

Joinery is the perfect skill to learn if you are leaning towards cottage-core.

It lends a touch of appreciation to woodworking and carpentry as done by your grandfather and his father before him.

Joinery comes from the idea of joining wood together and it can produce beautiful results if done properly.

Joiners often make bookshelves, windows, and even staircases.

You can create bespoke elements to add to your home and give it a fashionable finishing touch. 

Create luxurious bathrooms

Nowadays it would seem as if bathrooms are more focused on being functional instead of aesthetically pleasing.

Luxurious bathrooms are making a comeback as the focus is on self-care and relaxation.

Every home deserves a tranquil space where you can unwind at the end of a long day. Don't be afraid to add your own spin on this.

Have bold colour baths and toilets installed, hang a few plants, and light some scented candles.

Whatever you do, make it cosy.

So replace those tattered towels with soft and fluffy ones, and allow yourself to say, aaaaah.

Go for green in the kitchen

This probably goes against every design and décor article that you've read, urging you to keep your kitchen neutral.

But green kitchens are certainly popping up again to say hello.

While you might wince at the thought of avocado-green cupboards, try thinking outside the box.

There are many shades of green such as sage that can make a kitchen look bright and fresh.

And, of course, you don't have to paint everything green.

Find a few colours and patterns that match the shade of green that you chose. You'll be surprised at the result. 

Elevate your interior design with arches

The modern interior design calls for clean, square edges and a minimalist look whereas arches have always been reserved for buildings of grandeur and importance.

It is linked to traditionalism and historicity. Even though it might seem a bit outdated, arches can elevate any room and add a touch of class to it.

The soft curves of an arch can really complement the other contemporary pieces in a room. It also allows for better flow in and out of the rooms. 

Final thoughts

It is easy to label something as old-fashioned if it resembles something from our past.

Luckily there are many ways to spruce it up.

Don't get rid of these 'outdated' trends just yet. Look at it from a fresh perspective and add your own wonderful flair to it.

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