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6 Pool Upgrades to Make your Pool Area Ready for Summer


6 Pool Upgrades to Make your Pool Area Ready for Summer

If you are one of the lucky homeowners with a swimming pool, then you'll know how handy it is during the summer.

The South African heat always seems to surprise us even though we anticipate it every year!

With the mercury rising, summer is a great time to show off your pool and host unforgettable parties with friends and family.

Seeing as your pool has been dormant for the past few months, why not splurge and revamp the pool area a bit?

Here are 6 upgrades that you can consider

1) Replace the pool lights

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your pool and give it a new look is to replace the lights.

You may have had the same lights since you bought the house but it is very easy to install new ones.

You can change the colour of the lights and watch your pool become illuminated in the evenings. It creates a mesmerizing effect when the light bounces off the water.

Remember to also install lights around the area to avoid any mishaps during those late-night swims. 

2) Add tile detail to your pool floor

This might require some more elbow grease than installing lights but tile detail is a must this summer.

Plain blue floors are so last season; you need something with pizazz.

The great thing about adding tiles to your pool floor is that you can create the design yourself.

The possibilities are endless. Create an elaborate and sophisticated design to create a luxurious effect or create a playful design to celebrate the joy of life.

The best part is that you can do this yourself if you are keen on some DIY over the weekend. 

3) Slide into the summer

And how exactly should you do that? With a waterslide, of course!

A waterslide adds an element of fun to an already exciting feature in your backyard.

It is the perfect way to keep the kids (and the adults) entertained when you have those awesome braais at home.

Waterslides are generally inexpensive and the price is determined by their size.

Make sure that you have enough space to install it and that it rests on level ground.

You also need to check whether the edge doesn't sit too far from the pool edge. You don't want any injuries occurring! 

4) Install a waterfall

Another amazing feature is a waterfall.

Who doesn't enjoy relaxing by the pool and listening to the sound of water flowing gently?

Waterfalls in general captivate their audiences and a waterfall in your pool will have the same aesthetic effect.

It's also pretty cool to stand underneath it and pretend you're a model in a shampoo commercial.

Several types of waterfalls can fit your pool. Whether you like the minimalist approach or a huge gushing feature, it will definitely add a little something extra to the area. 

5) Add exotic plants next to the pool

A pool area without plants is like curry without spice; like sushi without rice. It just doesn't make any sense.

By adding plants around your pool you liven it up a bit and add some colour to the area.

Palm trees always look amazing and give a proper tropical vibe in your backyard.

Mix it up with plants of different colours and textures, and see how the area transforms into something magical.   

6) Remember to cover up

Not you, of course! We're talking about your pool.

If you don't have a pool cover then this summer is the perfect time to get one.

It may seem counterproductive because it is the season you swim the most but after summer winter always comes back around.

If you have a cover on hand, then you can protect your pool as soon as the days get cooler.

These covers come in different types and shapes.

You can get a budget-friendly net or safety cover, or you can have an automatic cover installed.

Either way, it is excellent protection and keeps the kids safe, too. 

Final thoughts

Having a swimming pool is an amazing addition to any backyard.

It is a great way to keep guests and kids entertained and to cool off on those hot days.

Make it look its best this summer with these few tips.

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