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6 Features that will Lure Buyers to Your Home


6 Features that will Lure Buyers to Your Home

When you are selling your home you want to highlight the best features to attract as many buyers as possible.

The goal, after all, is to sell your house as soon as possible.

Certain features will impress buyers more than others and they might even be willing to pay a little bit more if it is appealing enough.

During remodelling or redecorating, avoid spending money on things that won't deliver returns. Instead, focus on these 6 features that will make your house stand out above the rest.

1) Storage

Storage space is something all buyers look for when they view properties.

Many homes have been disregarded because of a lack of storage space. Shelves and wardrobe units are always a welcome addition to rooms as well as built-in cupboards.

If you have a smaller home and you don't have a lot of storage space, be sure to highlight the ways in which you can create it.

Stacking wicker baskets in a bathroom or buying ottomans that open up are great examples.

Remember to organize these storage spaces so that they are neat and presentable on the day of the viewing.

2) Exterior lighting features

Outdoor lighting can be considered one of the most-wanted features when it comes to the exterior of the house.

Many buyers look for homes where they can entertain on a patio and it is a bonus if the exterior light features are already connected.

Popular options include spotlights, walkway lights and motion sensor lights for an added layer of security.

If you really want to impress your potential buyers, try and find eco-friendly light fixtures or opt for solar-powered lights.

Going green is still all the rage when it comes to house hunting.

3) Energy efficient features

On the topic of going green, buyers are willing to pay a little bit more for energy-efficient features.

Not only are they out to save the environment one energy-saving light at a time but they also want to save on their utility bills at the end of the month.

You don't have to go all out from the start but you can start making small changes around your house.

If you have the finances you can replace your air conditioning units with energy-efficient models or install solar panels in your house.

4) Hardwood floors

If you already have hardwood floors, then you are in luck.

Quite a few buyers look for homes with hardwood floors, especially in the main living areas. It gives the room a natural look and it is less allergenic.

These floors are also easier to maintain than carpets and they are easier to clean. You will save quite a few bucks on carpet cleaning.

However, hardwood floors do need replacing every 10 years but luckily this is a once-off payment that makes more financial sense to the modern buyer.

It is something that can be finished over a period of time and it lasts a while.

5) Security features

A home in South Africa is not complete without security features.

Potential buyers shy away from homes without a proper fence or a modern security system.

If you have an outdated security system, consider installing a smart security system.

This allows the homeowner to control the security features from their smartphone.

It automates almost everything from doorbells to security cameras so that the homeowner is always in the loop.

The only thing the buyer will have to do is reconnect it and they have a safe and secure home.

6) A well-maintained garden

Apart from creating amazing curb appeal, a well-maintained garden attracts many buyers.

It sells the image of lazy Sunday afternoons spent in the garden and chasing kids from one tree to the next.

Having a well-maintained garden shows that you take care of the house and it gives them a canvas to paint their own memories.

It is also easier for the new owner to have a garden because all they have to do is maintain the one you grew.

There is no need to start landscaping from scratch.

Final thoughts

Homeowners often make the mistake of spending too much money on features that buyers won't consider. This has a negative effect on the profit they make when selling the house.

These six features are some of the features that buyers look for in homes. As the seller, it is important that you highlight them in your online listing and during the open house.

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