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5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photos


5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Real estate photos are a great way to put your house on display and highlight all its amazing features. However, the photographer can only do so much to make your house stand out.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your house is photographed in the best way possible.

Potential buyers are often drawn to homes that look visually appealing so you should put in extra effort to ensure your house stands out above the rest.

Here are five tips to help you prepare:

#1 - Clear your driveway

The driveway isn't always the first area that comes to mind when you want to show off your house, but a neat driveway makes a big difference.

Park your cars on the verge of the street during the photoshoot. This will create a cleaner look and it will show the potential buyer how big your driveway really is.

Your car might also be blocking a beautiful feature in the yard and the camera won't capture it.

Make sure that you have removed any unwanted items from the driveway, like bags and bins. 

#2 - Store items in the garage when taking real estate photos

The interior of the house needs to be as beautiful as it can be. No one wants to envision themselves living there if your clutter is all over the place.

Store items that you don't use every day in the garage. Garages aren't photographed all that often because it is not seen as a desirable space. This way you can keep your items in a safe place and let the photographer work his magic in a neat environment.

Less is sometimes more and the fewer items you have in a room, the better the buyer can see its features. 

#3 - Fresh landscaping looks great on real estate photos

Maybe you've been putting off mowing the lawn in the past few weeks. Perhaps you haven't been trimming the hedges as often as you'd like. It might not bother you right now but it does look untidy on real estate photos.

Buyers want to see a lush lawn and fresh landscaping when they look at their future house.

Try and make it look as appealing as possible. If you don't have the time to do it, then you can hire a landscaping company to make your yard look gorgeous again. 

#4 - Clean the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms that buyers look at first. The real estate photos should reflect the bathroom in the best possible condition.

Make sure that you have cleaned the shower and mopped the floors. If any tiles are missing, replace them before you have the photos taken.

The toilet seat should be down and the medicine cabinets should be closed. You can remove any personal items such as toothbrushes, face creams, and medication so that the bathroom is captured in all its glory. 

#5 - Prepare the windows and lights

With the right type of lighting, any room can look amazing. Poor lighting, however, can make a room look dull, drab, and dark.

Make sure that your windows are clean and that broken glass panes are repaired.

Replace the bulbs in your lamps if they are broken or too dim. Also, make sure that the lamps and light fixtures in your house are in working order. Broken lamp shades should be replaced and light switches should be repaired. 

These small things can make a huge difference to the quality of your real estate photos and they will create a great impression on potential buyers.

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