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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Old Bathroom New Again


5 Easy Ways to Make Your Old Bathroom New Again

Your trip to the bathroom shouldn't feel like you are walking into the 1960s - it is after all the place where you want to unwind and wash the day away.

If your bathroom still has pastel bathtubs and funky patterns on the walls, it is definitely time for an upgrade.

The good news is that you do not have to break the bank in order to enjoy a more modern bathroom. There are many small renovations that you can do yourself that won't cost you that much.

Here are a few things to try out:

No.1 - Go up the wall

Nothing says 'new room' like a fresh coat of paint.

If your textured or metallic wallpaper starts peeling off, then you can easily scrap it and try a coat of colour instead.

You might find that the wallpaper is sticky and won't come off as easy; this is not a problem! Paint over it in matte white or serene greys and blues to give your bathroom a tranquil feeling. This will also prevent any drywall damage.

Whatever you can unstick before painting, discard it or repurpose the wallpaper to give it a breath of fresh air.

No.2 - Reflect on mirrors

What is a bathroom without a beautiful mirror? Absolutely boring!

There are many ways that you can redecorate your mirror cost-effectively.

The mottled, plate glass mirror hanging over your basin is a sign of the archaic times; it is time to get your hands dirty.

If your mirror can be removed, you can sand and paint the barren wall before hanging a dramatic Venetian mirror or an ornately framed mirror that lends character and depth to the room.

You can also install a completely new decorative molding around your existing mirror to add a new touch.

No.3 - Stop living in pastel

Pastels might be in when it comes to fashion, but darling, they are so outdated when it comes to bathrooms.

Left alone, vintage pastel pieces might seem passé, but your old mint-green tub can still serve you in the 21st century if you do a few touch-ups to it: you can easily install bronze fixtures and faucets to modernize it.

Let your imagination roam free and continue to blend eras with each other: you can redecorate it with art pulled from old books, reclaimed wood accents, and airy milk-painted walls.

No.4 - Open new doors

Redecorating the bathroom opens a new door for you so why not get rid of the old ones?

Showers with corroded framing or cracked glass are apt to flood your bathroom with more than just design regrets.

Glass shower doors are pricey and require a lot of effort to replace, which is why hook-less curtains are the perfect alternative. Not only are they easy and affordable to install but they also come in bold solids and striking patterns. If left open, they create wide-open
 spaces that will make your bathroom seem so much larger than it actually is.

No.5 - Lose your marbles

Cultured marble counters and their chintzy finish have no place in your bathroom vanity.

Instead, consider moving on toward a sleeker and more sophisticated design direction without maximizing your budget and opt for a DIY concrete countertop. This material is set using your exact specifications with a mold and it is easy to customize to suit a vanity of any size.

It is easy to fit all of your desired fixtures and it can accommodate your dream sink basin. Decorate it with a few accent pieces and you are already on your way to a more stylish bathroom.

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