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Working from home? Here are 6 must-have home office items you need for your workspace


Working from home? Here are 6 must-have home office items you need for your workspace

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Over the past few years, several interesting home office items have hit the market, making the work-from-home experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has become increasingly more popular. People are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity at home. Many new home office items are aimed at making your work life at home as comfortable as possible.

If you're working from home, have a look at these 6 must-have home office items for your desk, computer, and for your comfort.

#1 - Magnetic phone holders

Many people who work from home are dependent on their laptops as well as their smartphones. Think about how many messages or emails you get daily. Think about how dependent you are on your phone to complete a project.

Whilst it is possible to access emails and Whatsapps via the web, this means that you are switching between windows to read messages and complete a job at the same time. On the other hand, you might be picking up your smartphone every two seconds trying to read a project description.

A magnetic phone holder is a perfect solution. You attach it to your laptop or monitor, slot your phone inside and presto! You can look at your emails or WhatsApp all the time. 

#2 - Wireless fast chargers

It is very easy for a desk to become messy especially if you are charging several devices at once. Who has time to climb through a jungle of wires to actually get some work done?

A wireless fast charger eliminates all those pesky wires whilst still giving you space to charge your smart devices. It doesn't take up too much space and it charges your smart devices within record time. 

#3 - Wrist rests

If you spend the whole day in front of a computer then you know how uncomfortable your wrists can get. The strain of typing on a keyboard and working on a mouse can add a lot of pressure on your hands.

This is why wrist rests have become so popular. It provides cushioned support underneath your wrists to take the strain off of your wrists, giving you a more comfortable experience.

It has become such a necessity for work-from-home employees that many keyboards now come with an added wrist rest, too!

#4 - Extra-long mouse pads

What's better than a mouse pad, you ask? An extra-long mouse pad, of course! And in this case, size definitely does matter. Mouse pads with extra length offer a more comfortable working experience and, to be completely honest, it just looks a lot cooler.

These mouse pads are generally long enough for your mouse and your keyboard so you can scroll and swipe without having to worry about the mouse moving off the mouse pad. They are really affordable and it gives your workspace a finished look whilst giving you a more pleasant way to use your mouse. 

#5 - Foot hammocks

You might not be able to lie down in a hammock when you are working but that doesn't mean your feet can't. Foot hammocks are the latest trend in must-have home office items. Instead of finding a stool or a box for your feet, you can let your feet swing freely while you work.

Foot hammocks can hook to almost any wooden desk and they usually come with the necessary equipment you need to mount it. It might sound strange, but your feet will thank you for it. 

#6 - Heating pads

This is great for those cold winter months when you wish you could drag your workspace into bed with you. These mini-heating pads slot perfectly between your chair and your back, and it usually comes with several different settings.

Some of them turn off automatically after a few hours so you don't have to worry about remembering to plug it out. You can also place it on your chair before you work so that your seat is nice and toasty. It is the perfect way to hop out of bed and into your chair!

Final thoughts

If you don't have a comfortable and functional working space it is difficult to get things done. Investing in these 6 items might just spark some inspiration and help you get up to earn the bacon! 

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