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Looking for garage conversion ideas? Here are 6 projects to try


Looking for garage conversion ideas? Here are 6 projects to try

Home offices, craft rooms, guest rooms - these are only some of the exciting garage conversion ideas that people have thought of. Gone are the days when your garage is used as a makeshift storage room where you can chuck everything you don't need anymore.

There are so many other ways that you can make your garage presentable, usable, and practical. You can never have too many rooms or too much space so get cracking with these 6 fun garage conversion projects! 

1) A home office is the perfect garage conversion idea for remote-workers

Having a large family might make your three-bedroom home seem smaller than it is. So your work-from-home experience probably takes place in the living room or the bedroom. An empty garage is an easy solution to your home office woes.

All you need to do is clean it out, replace the doors with something more functional, and install electrical wiring. Then slap on a fresh coat of paint and you're ready to clock in at any time of the day. 

2) Create a micro guest room

As far as garage conversion ideas go, this one is the most profitable. An empty garage can become a mini cash cow if you turn it into a guest room. A standard garage is just big enough to be rigged out into a bachelor pad fit for one or two people.

You can add a double bed, install a tiny kitchenette, and build a bathroom big enough for a toilet and a shower. There are many décor ideas online that you can explore and make this once-unused space a memorable place for holidaymakers to stay over. 

3) The ultimate garage conversion idea - a bar

If your garage is situated near your braai or pool area then it is a no-brainer: your garage has to be turned into a bar area. You can easily design this space so that it is more inviting to friends and family when you have a get-together. Just imagine how much fun you'll have being a bartender for an evening and mixing your own cocktails!

You can also add other fun elements to this space like a sound system, a dart board, and relaxed seats to enjoy those delicious sundowners. As a bonus, you'll always have a space to socialize if the weather decides to act up. 

4) Design a separate laundry room

This is a really practical idea if you have limited space in your home. It often happens that there isn't a lot of space for your washing machine and dryer. So where does it end up? Squashed into the bathroom or 'temporarily' plugged into the kitchen. This totally destroys the functionality of these two rooms.

Rather rig out your garage and turn it into a separate laundry. You'll have enough space for all your appliances, a few counters and cabinets, and an indoor laundry line for days when the rain spoils your washing plans. 

5) A garage conversion idea for the fitness junkies - your own home gym

How many times have you started going to the gym only to stop a few weeks later because you're too lazy to drive? Well, the solution is in your backyard. The most popular garage conversion idea is a home gym.

It requires very little preparation and within no time you'll have a spot where you can build muscle to your heart's content. Apart from buying your own gym equipment, you can repaint the walls, add a sound system, and perhaps hooks and shelves to hang towels and straps. 

6) Get crafty and turn it into a hobby room

Most people have one common problem when it comes to hobbies: they don't have enough space. Almost any hobby requires some form of extra storage or a big tabletop to work on. Your garage is the answer to your problem!

You can install a few cupboards and shelves as well as a big workbench where you can live out your best craft life. Whether you like building puzzles, sewing, knitting, or painting, this is the creative space you have been waiting for. Plus, it gives you a chance to escape the chaos of your house for a few moments of peace. 

Final thoughts

Who says a garage is only meant to house a car? Garage conversion ideas are easy to execute and you can give your garage new life. You just need to decide how you want to utilize the extra space. From there you can redesign and remodel it so that it is practical and functional. 

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