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Design Trends to Try in 2022


Every year there are hundreds of décor and design trends that simply blow us away and 2022 promises to deliver nothing less.

The past two years have been awful for many people. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic and the state of disaster, it is the perfect time to reinvent your home.

This year is all about bringing uniqueness and self-expression into your house.

And what better canvas is there than your house? Here are the must-try design and décor trends for 2022.

1) Going back to nature

The pandemic severely impacted the way we work, travel, and enjoy life. Many homeowners were stuck at home.

This year there is a gradual move towards nature and bringing natural elements into the design and décor of the house.

Big windows and natural light continue to steal the spotlight, making rooms look bigger and brighter.

It also helps in keeping the house free from artificial lighting as much as it possibly can.

Combine this with a few pot plants and you have already established a strong connection with nature. 

2) Sustainable design trends

This year is not just about bringing nature into the home but also being mindful of how these decorative and design pieces are manufactured.

Sustainability is already prominent in the clothing and food industry. It is expected that interior design and décor trends follow.

Sustainable décor and design are all about considering the environment. There are many materials and accent pieces that have a better impact on the ecosystem than their counterparts.

And there are so many sustainable options to choose from! Many companies are already moving towards recycled and eco-friendly fabrics, materials and decorative pieces.

3) Old school design trends

A few years ago no one would be caught dead with bold colours on their walls or funky patterns on their wallpaper. All of this is changing.

Interior designers are moving back to old school design trends.

Bold colours are expected to make a comeback especially colours and patterns that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. These include soft shades of green like sage, terracotta, and mustard.

Funky art pieces are also all the rage. You might want to dig deep for the retro artwork and shag carpets you put in storage years ago.

This is a great way to recycle old items and helps with incorporating sustainability in your home. 

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4) Out with the new and in with the old

Sticking to the theme of sustainability and recycling, traditional items are making a strong comeback in 2022.

With so much changing in the last few years, it is no wonder that people long for something familiar.

Antique pieces are a great way of bringing nostalgia into the house especially if it is an heirloom.

You can easily refurbish an old display case or a piece of furniture and make it the centrepiece of a room.

If you don't have heirlooms lying around, go thrifting. You'll be sure to snatch up some amazing bargains. 

5) Multifunctional rooms

Since the beginning of the pandemic, most people had to start working from home.

However, not everyone had enough space to rig out an entire office overnight. Before you knew it, you were having Zoom meetings on your veranda or in your bedroom.

Multifunctional rooms are becoming more and more popular because many people prefer working from home or have not returned to work yet.

Designing your rooms in such a way that it has more than one purpose, has many advantages. It also forces you to live with less clutter and make space for things that you actually need. 

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6) Avoid the following

There are a few things, however, that you should avoid at all costs when redecorating your home:

  • Neutrals: Neutral colours were all the rage at one point but now they have become outdated. Stay away from greys and whites. This year it is all about putting your personality into your home. If you are not keen on bold looks, opt for softer tones in other colours. 
  • Velvet textures: Sure, it's great to sit down and run your hands over a velvet sofa, but it's so last season. It also absorbs dust quicker than other materials. Rather opt for textures that require little maintenance but still look great when combined with other decorative pieces. 
  • Dried flowers: Dried flowers contrast the idea of bringing natural elements into the home. Rather choose a few houseplants of different shapes and sizes. You can also paint the pot plants in different colours to complement your colour scheme. 

Final thoughts on 2022 design trends

These design trends are easy to follow and very practical. The emphasis on design in 2022 is making your home more livable and sustainable but still making sure that it looks gorgeous.

Don't be scared to change it up a bit even if it is something you won't usually do. Self-expression is back so make it a great 20-22-you! 

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