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7 Easy and Affordable Home Improvement Ideas


7 Easy and Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

Whether you're an expert handyman or a regular DIY-er, there are many affordable ways you can spruce up your home.

All you need is a little bit of time and patience.

Home improvement often seems like a daunting task for many, but the trick is to start small.

You might find that the smallest changes make the biggest difference.

If you want to give your home a new look, here are 7 easy and affordable home improvement ideas to get you started. 

1) Nothing is as affordable as a good paint job

Many people underestimate the power of a good paint job.

Slapping a fresh coat on your walls will breathe life into your room and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

You can choose to repaint the walls the same colour just to freshen them up. You can also choose to take a totally new direction and experiment with different colours in one room.

Accent walls are still very trendy and they make great focal pieces in any room.

If you want to opt for a more minimalist look, then neutrals are the way to go. 

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2) Give your cabinets a makeover

Just because the kitchen was built in the late 60s doesn't mean it has to look that way forever.

The best way to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look is to redo your cabinets.

You can easily repaint the cabinets or add stick-on paper to change things up. Another easy way to give your cabinets a makeover is to replace the handles.

You can get new handles at your local hardware store or you can hit the thrift shop if you want to maintain the vintage effect. 

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3) Install affordable ceiling fans

The majority of homeowners seek the refuge of their air conditioners during the summer time but there is no relief from the ever-growing electricity bill at the end of the month.

Ceiling fans are becoming popular again and they can save you a lot of money.

They are cheaper to buy and install compared to air conditioners and they don't use as much electricity.

These days you can buy beautiful modern ceiling fans with remotes and different settings.

You can also install ceiling fans with gorgeous light fixtures to give the room an added decorative element.

This will allow you to still cool down in the summer whilst giving the air conditioner a break.

4) Replace the lights

Lighting plays a big role in setting the mood of a room.

Bright lights are great for places like the kitchen and the bathroom while softer lighting is more appropriate for the living room and bedroom.

You can replace your current globes with energy-saving globes. This is an affordable way to maintain the effect that you want and save money at the same time.

You can also get rid of old light fixtures and replace them with newer ones. These fittings are not as expensive and you will change the whole look of the room. 

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5) Redo your front door

If you have a wooden front door, you can easily give it a fresh look by varnishing it.

Varnish is affordable and it is easy to apply. Your wooden door will look brand new once it has a glossy new coat of varnish.

If you have budgeted for it, you can also replace your front door completely.

Many homeowners choose to get rid of wooden front doors because it requires some effort to maintain over the years. 

A beautiful steel door will also create a welcoming atmosphere.

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6) Get a few indoor plants

Indoor plants are an amazing way to brighten up any room.

You don't even have to have the greenest fingers to maintain indoor plants. Many different kinds will flourish in your home with just a little bit of sunshine and water.

As soon as you have found a plant that you like, you can spend a bit of money on getting decorative pots for planting.

If you are really creative and you want to save even more money, you can paint the pots yourself. It also adds a personal touch to the room you place the plant in. 

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7) Do the most affordable thing - clean! 

Cleaning your house might just be the improvement your home needs.

Don't just give your home a good old sweep and a wipe-down - focus on the small things you don't clean regularly.

Things like light switches, the grout between the tiles, and the walls get dirty quicker than we think. And how many times in a month do you scrub these areas of your house?

By simply giving the entire house and all its nooks and crannies a good wash, you will be surprised by how amazing it can look. 

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Final thoughts

Home improvement doesn't have to be expensive. It is actually very affordable if you focus on the small things. These few tips can suit any homeowner's budget and they are pretty easy to execute.

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