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10 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Agent to Sell Your Home


10 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Agent to Sell Your Home

Your real estate agent plays a key role in selling your house. The success of the sale has a lot to do with the knowledge and expertise that they bring to the table.

Finding the right real estate agent, however, isn't always as easy as it seems.

Nowadays it is difficult to trust anyone so how exactly do you find someone to trust with the sale of your biggest asset?

The secret is to ask as many questions as you can before you make the decision.

Here are 10 key questions to ask when looking for the right agent to sell your home. 

1) Ask the agent for their credentials

Hiring an agent is no different than hiring someone to work for a company.

They need to prove to you that they are capable of doing the job.

Ask them for a summary of their work experience like how long they have been selling homes and which associations they belong to.  

You can also ask them whether they have received any additional training that might give them an advantage over other agents. 

2) Find out how many sales they made in the last year

The number of sales that the agent made in the last year will give you a better idea of their success rate.

Whilst it is true that all agents have bad months, this should not be the norm.

If their sales figures are lower than you expect, feel free to ask them why.

3) Determine the agent's experience in the neighbourhood

An agent who knows the neighbourhood will have a better understanding of the market conditions in which you want to sell your house.

Agents who live in the area are often more involved in the community.

This can be very advantageous when it comes to the evaluation and marketing of your home. 

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4) Ask them how they arrive at the listing price

The listing price is one of the most critical parts of the sale process.

If you price the home too high you might chase potential buyers away. If you price it too low you end up losing money.

Ask the agent what their process is when determining a listing price. They should be able to give you a comparative figure in regards to similar homes in your neighbourhood.

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5) Identify the people working with the agent

Agents often work in teams when selling a home.

If this is the case, you need to identify and meet with the rest of the team, too.

If they are going to help sell your house, you need to know exactly who you will be dealing with and what roles they are going to play. 

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6) Determine the cost of selling your house

A seller usually pays a percentage of the selling amount to the agent as their commission.

Find out how much you will pay and whether you can negotiate this amount. 

7) Find out the details of the agent's sales plan

Usually, agents opt for open houses and online listings as part of their sales plan.

However, you shouldn't assume that this is the case with your agent.

Find out exactly what their sales plan (and marketing strategy) is and how it will help people see your home. 

8) Ask the agent how you can prepare your home

If the agent is planning an open house, you need to do some preparations beforehand.

Ask your agent what exactly you need to focus on to make your house ready for viewing. This might include replacing fixtures or doing minor repairs.

They might even suggest having the house professionally staged.

A house that is neat, tidy, and appealing can increase your chances of getting the amount you want for it.

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9) Determine the channels of communication between you and the agent

Communication is vital between the seller and their agent.

Determine how exactly you can contact them. Nowadays it is easier to text or send an email.

If you prefer phone calls, you need to communicate your preferences to them.

10) Find out how long the process will take

Selling a house does not happen overnight. It can take a few weeks and maybe even a few months.

Many things can prolong a sale, even factors that are out of the agent's control.

The agent should, however, be able to give you an estimate after considering the type of neighbourhood and the condition of your home.

Final thoughts

When choosing a real estate agent to sell your home, you must ask as many questions as possible. Some of the above questions might be difficult or tricky, but that is all the more reason to ask them. Consider a few more questions and add them to this list when you meet with a potential agent again. 

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